Jan 1, 2020–It’s that time of year to reflect and refocus. Here are some thoughts:

  • “Speak truth to power” should be “speak truth to weakness” because it is the weak people in our lives and weakness in ourselves that we allow to do the most damage.
  • Men and women are different. For good reason, or none of us would be here.
  • The secret to parenting, sales, and influencing people is this: always give two choices, with either choice being acceptable.
  • You cannot control anyone else’s behavior. Stop trying.
  • No matter what you do for a living, create art. It is it own reward.
  • Gender and race are not qualities–they are characteristics.
  • If paying higher taxes does not affect business, why do sales go up on tax-free weekends?
  • Telling people you did something exciting is more satisfying than the actual doing of it. Because “the doing” lasts a short time; but talking about it lasts a lifetime.
  • Individuals who achieve great success should be celebrated. Then copied.
  • The gestation period for sheep is 152 days. Our lambs started arriving 152 days and 20 minutes after we put the new buck in last spring.
  • Picking your nose is therapeutic. Why are we ashamed? After all, if we weren’t meant to pick our nose, why is the nostril conveniently finger-sized?
  • The best therapy I’ve ever found is going for a walk.
  • I don’t want to own pets or plants that need to be brought inside.
  • I’m tired of the trope “I don’t want you solve my issue, sometimes I just need you to listen.” Great! I have better things to do than sit around while someone whines about something they have no desire to fix.
  • Some days I’m ready to crawl onto the ice floe.
  • Emotional responses are acceptable, as long as they are based on facts.
  • Everyone gets fatter.
  • Popcorn is an amazing snack. A handful of kernels creates an entire bowl of crunchy goodness.

Think I’ll have some right now.

With butter.