Will’s Creed

Everyone should write down their own Creed, as this middle school student did.

Oct 9, 2019–If I asked you to write your Creed–to make a list of 25 things you believe to be true–what would you write?

That’s the assignment Fredericksburg Middle School teacher Kacey Forks gave to her Pre-AP English students. She had learned of the idea at a previous district, Clear Creek ISD.

“I was drawn to it immediately,” Forks said. “It just spoke to me. Everyone has a set of beliefs they can share, even if they’ve never really considered what they may be. Half the fun is figuring them out!”

How her students respond to this challenge is “amazing.” Take the list by Will Cross. The 14-year-old sat down and came up with his creed in 40 minutes, according to his mother, Angie Cross, who shared it on social media.

“He said, Mom, this was so easy!” Angie commented on the post. “If you know Will and his story you will be touched by his list. He is discovering how he can use his experience to touch others in part through his gift for writing.”

Part of Will’s story is that he was born two months premature and has undergone more than 25 surgeries. Today he is an energetic 8th grader who lives to fish (as stated in his Creed), runs, swims, bikes, loves animals, and is into building and design.

With the exception of two items that inspired him from other sources, all 25 came from his life experience.

“When I was little, I went through a lot of time in the hospital,” he said. “I understand I am different from other people. The first year in middle school I tried to hide it, and didn’t make many friends. Now I know I need to embrace the differences, and I’m getting better at it. Being myself has helped me in friendships a lot!”

Here is Will’s Creed:

  1. I believe you can do anything if you put your mind to it.
  2. I believe in God.
  3. I believe sports is 60% mental and 40% physical.
  4. I believe that coffee is the best thing in the morning.
  5. I believe that having fun is something you need to do every day.
  6. I believe that fishing is the best activity.
  7. I believe that trying new things is a great idea because you never know what you will be great at.
  8. I believe that lifting weights is one of the best ways to relieve stress.
  9. I believe that God always answers your prayers even if you don’t realize it.
  10. I believe that if you are tired of starting over then stop giving up.
  11. I believe Phillipians 4:13.
  12. I believe that friends are one of the most important things in life.
  13. I believe you can always get better no matter how good you are.
  14. I believe that asking for sympathy is a sign of weakness.
  15. I believe you should always expect the unexpected.
  16. I believe you should embrace your differences…not hide them.
  17. I believe you should always try to take a step forward in life not a step backwards.
  18. I believe drama is the dumbest thing in life (he doesn’t mean theater drama, he means middle school drama about things that are silly or not important)
  19. I believe in second chances.
  20. I believe you should live every day like it is your last.
  21. I believe you should speak out about what you think is wrong.
  22. I believe that one word could change a person’s life for the better or the worse.
  23. I believe you can always find something good in a bad situation.
  24. I believe when you make mistakes that is the best opportunity to get better.
  25. I believe that success comes when your dreams are more important than your excuses.

As a certified Texas teacher, I am assigning this to all of you:
Write your creed–your list of 25 things you believe to be true. Then share it. It’s due on Friday and counts for 100% of your grade.

A final note from Will: “I just wanted to inspire people, and let them know they should not give up and keep going. Be yourself and be happy with who you are and how your life is going.”

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