Fredericksburg artist Liza Proch has just released The Fredericksburg Coloring Book.


June 16, 2021–When is a coloring book more than just a book to color in?

When it was created by Liza Proch.

“I believe we’re all given the gift of creativity, whether in the artistic sense or not,” said the 22-year-old Fredericksburg resident. “A huge part of my purpose in doing this is to inspire people to really live out how they were made and what they’ve been created to do.”

With that ambitious goal, Liza designed and illustrated The Fredericksburg Coloring Book, just released this week. Judging by the initial response in our shop, Gathered & Good, it is going to inspire a lot of people.

Liza’s idea for this “little project” began three years ago. She grew up as an artist and musician (Liza is one-fourth of her sibling group Willow City–I wrote about them as the 4 Proches back in 2013 ), and always had a passion for sketching, drawing, and painting. About a year ago, she decided she wanted to make her book idea a reality.

“I had done little sketches, and ended up with stacks of papers filled with ideas. It all just kind of came together piece by piece. It’s been such a fun journey. I’ve learned a lot and I’m really excited about how it turned out.”

It turned out as more of a coffee table book, with a fancy matte cover and quality paper. Inside, Liza created 55 hand-illustrated images including Hill Country landscapes, peaches and pretzels, dirndl-garbed Frauleins, iconic landmarks such as the Vereins Kirche and White Elephant Saloon, plus page-filling montages of florals, foods, and fashion. That is plenty of coloring fun for any kid. And for any adult for that matter.

“The goal was to make it so whether you’re an adult or a kid, you can fully enjoy this coloring book,” she said. “And whether you’re in town as a tourist, or a local buying it as a gift or for yourself, it is totally enjoyable and not exclusive to any age group.”

The early reaction has been “amazing.”

“I am so excited,” she said. “When you create something original, you are putting a little part of yourself out there. I think Fredericksburg needs something like this. People can buy a little piece of the town, something that inspires you to sit back and relax for an afternoon and just color.”

Liza’s next project is allowing her to do some coloring of her own, creating canvases covered with big acrylic floral designs.

“I call it a garden for your wall. I fill entire canvases with flowers. I feel we don’t get outside enough, so bringing just a little piece of that into people’s homes is one of the things I’m passionate about.”

As they do in their group Willow City, the Proch family is not shy about professing their faith and speaking their truth.

“I personally believe our purpose is to bless others and do anything we can to reflect the Creator,” Liza said. “Whether that is through art or music, or it could be through a spreadsheet! Whatever your avenue is, I believe we’re put on earth to bless others. If we’re not living that, what are we doing?”

I know a lot of people will be coloring.

The Fredericksburg Coloring Book is available at or exclusively in these Fredericksburg shops:

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  • Fritztown Mercantile
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  • Dish (at Carol Hicks Bolton)
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