Laughing Out Loud

April 3, 2019–Recently I decided to take a walk on the ribald side and go to a big city comedy club. It was not the experience I expected. My motivation was to catch a comedy act that I stumbled across on the Internet. These guys post two-minute bits that hit me in the holy trinityContinue Reading

Pillow Perfect

  3/27/19–For years I have been on a quest for the perfect pillow. That’s one of those life essentials you didn’t know you needed until you become an adult. As a kid, you could fall asleep on the floor on top of a pile of coats, with a wadded up sweatshirt under your head. WhenContinue Reading

In Data Don’t Trust

Mar 20, 2019–I’ve come to believe one thing: Don’t believe anything. One recent chilly morning I was trying to determine just how chilly it was so I would have some ammunition to start my breakfast conversation. I happened to be driving past a Time & Temperature sign, and noted it was right at 32 degrees.Continue Reading

Bake Turner: Larger than life

Mar 13, 2019–Robert Hardy “Bake” Turner has spent his life around larger-than-life characters in the worlds of professional football and country music. He is larger than life himself. Turner, as true football fans know, was a wide receiver out of Alpine, Texas, who first starred at Texas Tech, then went to the New York JetsContinue Reading

LEAF: Get down in the dirt

Mar 6, 2019–It started in 2015 in Llano, Texas, as a tribute to her father. But even Binky Morgan can’t believe how in five years the Llano Earth Art Festival (LEAF) has grown into the world’s largest stone balancing event and home of the World Rock Stacking Championship. “My father had just passed,” Morgan said.Continue Reading

What in the World is Rockapella?

Feb 27, 2019–They call it “human music.” “It’s just us and microphones,” explained Scott Leonard of Rockapella, the most sophisticated, lasting, and imitated vocal groups around today, according to their blurbs. “People find it hard to believe there are no instruments. Most of what we do is singing, contrapuntal intricate singing, but even the rhythmContinue Reading

Camp Gladiator

Feb 20, 2019–One January morning as I made my weekly trip to Pioneer Memorial Library to pay fines, I was distracted by a gaggle of adults and children running and jumping and cheering around the gazebo. They were way too enthusiastic for this early on a chilly Saturday. Uninvited, I crossed the street to seeContinue Reading

Leaving Mom

Feb 13, 2019–My mom died last week. It was the final separation, but what intrigues me is that it’s a separation that has been underway my entire life. This is just the last step. It begins at the aftermath of birth, really. In a painful and precise moment, we are all thrust from the comfortContinue Reading

No surprises

Feb 6, 2019–The worst business to be in is the one that when you do it well, no one notices. Because then the only time you hear from a customer is when they are unhappy. Take, for example, any internet service provider. How unsettling it must be, to go into work every day knowing thatContinue Reading

Moving Bodies

Jan 31, 2019–I remember that time I shipped my body across the country. I was traveling to a work conference in California. As I shuttled from plane to plane, from tram to moving walkway, to airport limo and finally to rental car, I pretended I was cargo. I tried to calculate the amount of money,Continue Reading