More Thoughts

July 15, 2020–More thoughts about things that don’t matter… Proof that time travel will never be invented: We would have been visited by someone from the future by now. Does anyone else get cuts on their hand and not remember how you got them? Fortunately, using hand sanitizer immediately identifies their location. We were discussingContinue Reading

Hands on

July 8, 2020–We have a quarter-mile drive I’ve tried to repair for 25 years. When dry, it’s dusty and bumpy; when wet, it’s a muddy obstacle course. I’m convinced it has ruined the suspension on all my vehicles. Over the years we’ve patched it, bringing in loads of rock, pushing dirt around with a borrowedContinue Reading

Writing a new script

July 1, 2020–Last week I ventured out. Out of the house, out of town, out of my comfort zone. I took a class. I’ve always been fascinated by the art of script writing. Which is unusual, because writing of any kind was not a plausible path out of the corn patch, and I never placedContinue Reading

M&Ms: A Parable

June 24, 2020–Note: This column is not a metaphor for any current situation, nor is the writer responsible for any lesson readers may take away. M&Ms have always been my favorite candies. So much so that when I was banished overseas for two years, it was one of the American treats I smuggled into theContinue Reading

Hometown History

June 17, 2020–When I first moved to the Hill Country, I was not prepared for how seriously Texans take their history. Growing up in one of the 49 non-Texan states, I arrived unaware of the colorful story of how this 6-flagged region became the Lone Star State. Apparently every public school student is required toContinue Reading

Ways to Say Nothing

June 10, 2020– “Our diversity is our strength” “We are all in this together” “Due to an abundance of caution” “Thoughts and prayers” How many empty phrases can one language tolerate? Our minds are a file cabinet of sayings. When a certain situation arises, we unconsciously flip the rolodex to an appropriate passage and dutifullyContinue Reading


June 3, 2020–They call themselves Influencers. We called them the cool kids in high school–cheerleaders, quarterbacks, the guys who could play the chords to Smoke On The Water, and the seniors who drove nicer cars than the teachers. We science fair nerds and future farmers envied them their clothes, fashion sense, hairstyles, and effortless masteryContinue Reading

Purging Stuff

May 27, 2020–As are many of you, we are using this time to clean house. We call it The Great Purge. So, so much stuff. When we moved to our little property, one of the perks was a 600-square-foot barn. Forget your hot tubs, decks, and “oak-covered views.” This place had a barn. Well, notContinue Reading

Black Markets

May 20, 2020–I’ve always held the controversial opinion that no one knows the true extent of our cash economy. All those reports of retail activity, employment, GDP, etc., are based on data of transactions taking place within the official economy. They don’t include handfuls of cash given to itinerant workers, dependents, and “I know aContinue Reading

Tightwad Times

May 13, 2020–During my lockdown-compliant travels through my silverfish-invested bookshelves, I came across a timely trilogy from the 1990s–The Tightwad Gazette, Volumes I, II, and III. These 300-page tomes were compilations of a popular newsletter produced by Amy Dacyczyn (pronounced like “decision”), who gained news notoriety for her dedication to pinching pennies, sometimes to ludicrousContinue Reading