Hank Williams: Honky Tonk Hero

Oct 3, 2018–One night while playing drums in a smoky bar somewhere in Texas, I kicked off the band on a Hank Williams song we’d played 99 times before. But on this night for some reason, I listened to the words for the first time. It was, I realized, a good song. Obvious, right? ButContinue Reading

Picking with The Purple Hulls

Sept 26, 2018–When you talk about “picking” with folk and bluegrass singer/songwriters Katy Lou and Penny Lea Clark, you need to make sure you are talking about playing music and not harvesting the colorful legumes that gave their band its name–The Purple Hulls. That’s because these identical, 6’1” red-headed twins grew up on the familyContinue Reading

Piano Playing Son of a Gun

Sept 19, 2018–When I heard the news that the world lost Mark Hierholzer last week, I didn’t want to believe it. I didn’t want to write about it, either. But I changed my mind. Mark Hierholzer made a lot of people change their minds. For those not aware of his work, Hierholzer was a graduateContinue Reading

Still No Room

Sept 12, 2018–Four years ago I watched a family member travel the frustrating journey through dementia. Standing by helplessly as they navigated the confusing, twisting, vexing path made me yearn to understand what the person was experiencing, if only so I could know how to reach them. David Remschel was the one who let meContinue Reading

Mariachi Mountaineers

Sept 5, 2018–When you think of Schreiner University, the first thing that comes to mind is not mariachi music. But if an enthusiastic group of young musicians have their way, mariachis might take their place alongside Mountaineers. When Courtland Gully, a Junior from McAllen, arrived back on campus last year, she happened to visit withContinue Reading

The passion of performing

Aug 29, 2018–While perusing posts online, I came across a discussion where a master violinist effused that she just “can’t wait to perform.” This surprised and intrigued me, as I know many musicians who feel intense pressure every time they step into the spotlight. This seems especially true in the world of classical music, whereContinue Reading

Doctor of Popology

Aug 23, 2018–Last Saturday night, my 3-year-old granddaughter asked for a snack of popcorn. “Who do you want to make it?” asked her mom, knowing full well the answer. “PopPop!” came the response, and I was on deck. PopPop is my “grandpa name,” bestowed by her when she was a year old. I was holdingContinue Reading

The many talents of Steve Wariner

Aug 15, 2018–Musicians hate being pigeon holed. With the many talents of Steve Wariner, it’s impossible to do. “My interests are all over the place,” admitted the country music star during an interview about his upcoming show at the Gillespie County Fair. “I do kind of slide off the radar through the years, because IContinue Reading

Sheep or wolf?

Aug 8, 2018–When I owned my first flock of sheep, I learned something about people. One day my wife called me at work to tell me the sheep had escaped from the pasture. This was no surprise, since my fences include sections of uptilted pallets and repurposed fire grates. So I rushed out of theContinue Reading

Magnolia Pearl: Found Experience

Aug 1, 2018–There I was, immersed in what I call a “found experience.” Hovering in breezy shade, buoyed by fellow music travelers. Ten feet away, Max Baca of Los Texmaniacs plucked his bajo sexto. Accordion legend Flaco Jimenez added lilting counterpoint. Asleep At The Wheel guitarist Johnny Nicholas filled in with tasteful guitar riffs. ItContinue Reading