61 Weeks A Year

June 5, 2019–While trying to schedule a date for a new event in Fredericksburg, it became a challenge finding a reasonably open weekend. It wasn’t that long ago you could count on a soft time of year where you could slip in a concert or fundraiser when there wasn’t already some type of Fest withContinue Reading

Hello to Hye Dance Hall

  May 29, 2019–I’ll bet many of you have driven through the town of Hye, Texas, and not even realized you were passing by a 100-year-old dance hall. I know I’ve made that journey between Stonewall and Johnson City countless times, and only had eyes for the old Post Office perched on the southeast cornerContinue Reading

Testicle Festival

  May 22, 2019–I first came to the Texas Hill Country in 1978. Yet I’d never visited Castell. Last weekend, I fixed that. The Castell General Store–which is essentially Castell–was celebrating its Testicle Festival. As auspicious an event as any for finding out what a place is all about. After the 50-mile trip north ofContinue Reading

Worldwide Wilderness

5/16/2019–I have embarrassed my ancestors. I am just coming off a week of roughing it and made a poor accounting of myself. The saga started while our team at SystemsGo headed off to launch rockets at Smith Point, Texas, a jut of land below Anahuac in Southeast Texas. We were bivouacked at small resort townContinue Reading

Put it on the list

5/8/2019–I am a lister. Not an “A Lister.” Just a “lister.” It is a habit I learned from my dad. He kept lists of chores that needed to be done around the farm. They would end up on the fridge or tacked to a small bulletin board at the kitchen door. You couldn’t leave theContinue Reading

A race for the rest of us

  May 1, 2019–Years ago I had the idea to create an athletic competition that required no athleticism whatsoever: Der Sitzenfest. Competitors would vie for prizes by sitting comfortably in their favorite chair, rocker, or recliner. It was all an idle (very idle) thought experiment, designed to amuse myself. But after learning about a newContinue Reading

Jimmy Webb: Singing His Songs

(Note: This is the second of two columns on my interview with Jimmie Webb. Read Jimmy Webb: Writing His Songs) April 24, 2019–A question I ask of all recording artists I have the honor of interviewing is whether it is the song or the singer that makes the hit. Jimmy Webb’s response echoed what IContinue Reading

Jimmy Webb: Writing His Songs

  April 17, 2019–Even after his six decades in the industry, being the only artist ever to receive Grammy Awards for music, lyrics and orchestration, being a member of every musical hall of fame on the planet, and writing so many hit songs no one has added them all up, music legend Jimmy Webb stillContinue Reading

All This Jazz

  April 10, 2019–When I was in high school the band director announced he was starting a jazz band. There were only 300 students in our entire school, so once you pulled out the football players and cheerleaders, there weren’t that many of us left to fill out the pep band, let alone start aContinue Reading

Laughing Out Loud

April 3, 2019–Recently I decided to take a walk on the ribald side and go to a big city comedy club. It was not the experience I expected. My motivation was to catch a comedy act that I stumbled across on the Internet. These guys post two-minute bits that hit me in the holy trinityContinue Reading