Art of the interview

July 31, 2019–The “other” part of writing a weekly column is getting interviews. The interview is the raw material of writing, so snagging a good one is essential. And getting the most out of an interview requires both a broad base of knowledge and a compulsive attention to detail. It helps to have some knowledgeContinue Reading

Other Mother: The Virtue of Vinegar

  July 24, 2019–Never thought I’d write about vinegar. Over the years I’ve covered the rise of various beverages in the Hill Country. It started with the wineries and breweries. Next, distilleries began turning out whiskey, vodka, and rum. The most recent libation to bubble up was cider. But now Fredericksburg residents David and LisaContinue Reading

The Secret to All Success

July 17, 2019–Like discovering penicillin and gravity, I accidentally stumbled onto the Secret to All Success while doing something else. It happened while I was driving to town listening to the radio. A story came on about women being allowed to golf at Augusta National for the first time ever. They had just completed aContinue Reading

That’s the Ticket?

July 10, 2019–There is an artist I want to see. She is coming to “a major theater” in “a nearby city,” so I went online to look at seating and pricing. All seats were $29.50. Giddyup. But a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. Like sprinkles at a 4-year-old’s birthday party, costsContinue Reading


July 3, 2019–Time for my sesquiannual purge of ideas that don’t rise to column-worthiness. Finally figured out why I so viscerally hate puns. Because they impede communications. Puns are annoying distractions from whatever you are trying to say. Plus they never end. Try extracting yourself from a conversation with a punster. Father’s Day quote fromContinue Reading

Act like you mean it

  June 26, 2019–I’ve long held the theory that everyone should learn to act. After all, we take lessons to drive a car, cook a soufflé, or play piano. If you think of your body as an instrument, doesn’t it make sense to learn how to use it? Yet many of us are uncomfortable ifContinue Reading

Apollo 11–One Small Step

  June 19, 2019 The 1960s–what a time to be a geek! In one decade you could follow the golden arc of the U.S. space program, from its struggles to leave the launch pad through the triumph of walking on the moon. Every year there was a magical achievement. The first manned flight. The firstContinue Reading

New Vibe on the Fredericksburg Music Scene

June 12, 2019–It was a gazillion years ago, but I was able to accomplish a rare financial feat–to finish college with more money than I started with. How? First, I was an extreme cheapskate. I lived in a one-room apartment with no appliances. I used the space between my window and screen as a refrigeratorContinue Reading

61 Weeks A Year

June 5, 2019–While trying to schedule a date for a new event in Fredericksburg, it became a challenge finding a reasonably open weekend. It wasn’t that long ago you could count on a soft time of year where you could slip in a concert or fundraiser when there wasn’t already some type of Fest withContinue Reading

Hello to Hye Dance Hall

  May 29, 2019–I’ll bet many of you have driven through the town of Hye, Texas, and not even realized you were passing by a 100-year-old dance hall. I know I’ve made that journey between Stonewall and Johnson City countless times, and only had eyes for the old Post Office perched on the southeast cornerContinue Reading