Off The Grid

June 6, 2018–For a bunch of guys who call themselves “Off The Grid” they sure seem to be “on the stage” a lot. They don’t even know how many gigs they have every year. “We’re somewhere every weekend,” said “Otto,” the accordion player. “We will go wherever there is electricity and beer. And money. Electricity,Continue Reading

Pat Green: Making Waves

May 30, 2018–Twenty-five years after starting out as a “weekend warrior,” Pat Green is a weekend warrior again. Only now it pays much better. “I’m the luckiest fool that ever walked on two legs,” said the Texas singer/songwriter during an interview about his June 2 performance at The Backyard at Fritztown. “How could you notContinue Reading

Being Ann

May 23, 2018–No matter which political primary you prefer, you can’t deny Ann Richards brought a true Texas persona to the Governor’s office. That is what actress Libby Villari portrays in the nationally-touring one-woman show ANN, by Holland Taylor, presented at Ingram’s Point Theater on May 25 and 26. Read my short review below “ThisContinue Reading

Luckenbach: A Door to the ‘70s

May 16, 2018–It is iconic. Especially for a door. Come back with me to 1973. A relative newcomer to the music scene named Jerry Jeff Walker decided to record a live album at a little town in Texas called Luckenbach. That record contained future classics such as Redneck Mother, London Homesick Blues, Desperados Waiting ForContinue Reading

Being Asked

May 9, 2018–Not again. Once more, someone was on the phone asking me if I would be in a production. Readers of this column know I am a reluctant thespian. I was not born with the “let’s turn the barn into a theater and put on a show” gene. Even so, I seem to endContinue Reading

Kathy Mattea: Finding her voice

May 3, 2018–I was surprised when Kathy Mattea told me that to find her voice, she had to stop being “Kathy Mattea.” What did that mean? “It’s what I tell my students: do people feel something when you sing this song? Can you just be honest as a singer and that be enough?” Anyone familiarContinue Reading

Mindy’s Music

April 25, 2018–Over the years, most Hill Country music stores have gone the way of the Theremin. The reasons have varied, not least of which is the competition from the Internet. But musicians prefer to pluck and pick, not hunt and click. That is the rationale for Mindy Brown to open Mindy’s Music in FredericksburgContinue Reading

Pursuit of Perfection

April 18, 2018–I was backstage at a recent show speaking with the child of a national recognized performer. You would know who this is, but since I wasn’t conducting an official interview I won’t reveal names. “At age 24, my dad had won a Grammy,” this person said. “I’m 21, and what have I accomplished?”Continue Reading

Kairos: Apart from the crowd

April 11, 2018–Wouldn’t it be fun to find a place away from the crowded downtown, where you can share a four-course fixed-menu meal with interesting companions, while listening to live acoustic music? Those are the reasons Joe and Sharon Grimes started their Second Saturday Series at Kairos–The Celebration Barn. “One of the things we wantedContinue Reading

The new old Altdorf Restaurant

  April 3, 2018–Whenever family from north of Willow Creek came to town looking for an authentic Fredericksburg Main Street experience, I took them to the Altdorf Restaurant. Nothing said “gemutlichkeit” like the outdoor biergarten, shaded barrel tables, smiling staff, and comfortable ambience. There was something on the menu for those wanting real German schnitzel,Continue Reading