No surprises

Feb 6, 2019–The worst business to be in is the one that when you do it well, no one notices. Because then the only time you hear from a customer is when they are unhappy. Take, for example, any internet service provider. How unsettling it must be, to go into work every day knowing thatContinue Reading

Moving Bodies

Jan 31, 2019–I remember that time I shipped my body across the country. I was traveling to a work conference in California. As I shuttled from plane to plane, from tram to moving walkway, to airport limo and finally to rental car, I pretended I was cargo. I tried to calculate the amount of money,Continue Reading

Adding Atmosphere: Kerrville Renaissance Festival

Jan 23, 2018–Over the next couple of weekends, legions of adventurous spirits will arrive in the Hill Country to interact as knights, jesters, maidens, and other denizens of Middle Age European villages at the Kerrville Renaissance Festival. What makes our neighbors in conventional careers change into dashing denizens of the Dark Ages? I asked myContinue Reading

Grimm Tales

Jan 17, 2019–Over the holidays I sat down to read stories to my 3-year-old granddaughter. Unable to bear another round of Goodnight, Moon, I grabbed a volume of my Childcraft books from the 1950s. It fell open to Jack and The Beanstalk, so we started reading. Oh my! I’d forgotten how violent and gritty theContinue Reading

Linda Morgan: Little Bird

January 9, 2019– What would you be doing if you didn’t have to make a living? For Linda Morgan, the answer is easy. “Whether anyone was listening or not, I would be singing in a field looking at what God created. I would be singing for that connection.” Fortunately, Morgan never had to sing inContinue Reading

Life is Spaghetti

Jan 2, 2019–My current reading throne book is called Poking a Dead Frog. Now what do you imagine that is about? I’ll wait. Ok, wrong. It’s subtitled “Conversations With Today’s Top Comedy Writers.” Author Mike Sacks conducted in-depth and freewheeling interviews with the brilliant and eccentric individuals who write the jokes and stories for sitcoms,Continue Reading

Spandex Optional

  Dec 26, 2018–I have a theory that life is a yearning for mobility. It begins in infancy, when we first swivel our heads, opening up our world 180 degrees. Then on to crawling, walking, and running. Finally, emulating humankind, we discover the wheel. It might be a wagon or a scooter or tricycle. ButContinue Reading

The Story of Easter Haus

Dec 19, 2018–I know it’s Christmas. But here’s a tale of Easter. My wife and daughter have opened a shop that happens to be housed in a historic Fredericksburg home known as Easter Haus. I was curious about the provenance of the white building on Auguste Street. So I asked the owner, Bill Petmecky, Jr.,Continue Reading

What Mom said

Dec 13, 2018 “Go outside and get the stink blown off of you.” This is the greatest piece of advice I’ve ever gotten. And it came from my mom. There is a rich vein of ore to be mined in this one simple sentence. At the basic level it means “get out from underfoot.” MomContinue Reading

Riders In The Sky: The heroes we need

  Dec 5, 2018–When I mentioned I was going to interview Ranger Doug of Riders In The Sky, everyone claimed to be a personal friend. So that’s the first question I asked him. Ranger Doug chuckled. “When we meet fans, someone will say, ‘We saw you in 1982,’” he said. “That connection happens a lotContinue Reading