The new old Altdorf Restaurant

  April 3, 2018–Whenever family from north of Willow Creek came to town looking for an authentic Fredericksburg Main Street experience, I took them to the Altdorf Restaurant. Nothing said “gemutlichkeit” like the outdoor biergarten, shaded barrel tables, smiling staff, and comfortable ambience. There was something on the menu for those wanting real German schnitzel,Continue Reading

Marketing, Naked

Mar 28, 2018–I’m often asked to help market events. The temptation as a consultant is to justify the label of “expert” by making what you do seem complicated. But I’ve learned the shortest path to results lies in simplifying the concepts and flattening the process. Random examples: Want to get healthy and lose weight? EatContinue Reading

Native son’s music comes home

Mar 21, 2018–During the mid-1800s, the Texas Hill Country produced talented men and women, particularly in the fields of ranching, industry, cattle, and the military. Yet many still don’t know it was also the birthplace of a classical music composer who became a contemporary of the European masters. This person had the tongue twisted nameContinue Reading

Guy Forsyth: Putting the Show in Showbiz

  March 14, 2018–Guy Forsyth gave an unexpected response when asked what inspired his on-stage performance style. “Vaudeville,” he replied during our phone conversation. “If you look back, a lot of our favorite musicians were folks hitting their stride in the 1930s and 40s. Those people understood the showbiz aspect of music. Not that theyContinue Reading

Free Art: Out of the Gallery

Mar 7, 2018–When Bart Simpson told his dad he hated art, Homer commiserated. “Oh, everyone does, son. That’s why they lock it up in museums where no one will ever visit.” Hill Country artist Seth Avant is putting art back out on the streets where everyone can enjoy it. It’s called Free Art Friday. “OneContinue Reading

The Simple Life: A Simple Lie

Feb 28, 2018–I overheard some older folks talking fondly of “simpler times.” Balderdash. There were no simpler times. Never in history has life been so simple. Examples: Cars What was simple about tuning your car? You had to change the points and spark plugs, set the gaps with a gauge, replace the rotor, and adjustContinue Reading

Liverpool Legends: Feel 16 Again

  Feb 21, 2018–In 2001, Marty Scott was playing with a Beatles tribute band at a Chicago festival. A week later, he was sitting on a couch next to Paul McCartney. How’s that for fantasy? “Pretty scary” was how the ersatz “George Harrison” described it. “Louise Harrison was a guest of honor, and I wasContinue Reading

The Church of Burns

  Feb 14, 2018–Last Sunday morning, I was poking around online, seeking inspiration. I clicked on a link and found myself looking inside a radio studio listening to Amazing Grace. I had stumbled on to Sunday Mornings with Doug Burns on 107.9 FM KFAN. I felt like I was sitting in his kitchen. Burns wasContinue Reading

Tim Porter: Music is Math

Feb 7, 2018–When his clients ask why Tim Porter, CPA, spends so much time playing guitar in addition to working on their taxes, he has an answer: “Music is math,” he said. “I find it’s all related.” Be assured the Hill Country musician does get his clients’ Forms 1040 turned in on time, while buildingContinue Reading

Scare Me

Jan 31, 2018–You should do something every day that scares you. I read that somewhere. It was one of those sayings that niggles as you go about your daily habits. Like a religious aunt looking over her glasses at you. The thought percolated as I listened last week to a band in a lounge, playingContinue Reading