Donald Braswell brings opera to the cave

Dec 25, 2019–Three Tenors to perform in Boerne’s Cave Without A Name Dec 28 In 2008, Hill Country native Donald Braswell II stepped into the national spotlight after placing in the Top 5 on America’s Got Talent. Echoes of that journey still resonate for the singer, who will perform with his group of three tenorsContinue Reading

Help Sing Hallelujah

Dec 25, 2019–During the holiday season there are so many opportunities to hear orchestras, madrigals, and choirs perform holiday favorites that it’s hard to come up with a new way to celebrate musically. But Whit Matteson has spearheaded an idea that lets people become the performance. For the 5th year, Matteson is organizing and conductingContinue Reading

Getting Dressed

Dec 18, 2019–I resent how much effort it takes to get dressed every morning. Pull on undershorts. Pull on undershirt. Pull on one sock. Pull on the other (hopefully, matching) sock. Pull on pants. Put on shirt. Pull on shoes. Then the fastening begins: Fasten 6 buttons on a shirt, plus 2 on the cuffsContinue Reading

Plays, Programs, and Potluck

Dec 11, 2019–‘Tis the season for holiday programs and pageants. Every parent, grandparent, and squirmy sibling will spend at least one evening packed in a school auditorium or stuffed in an undersized classroom chair watching a parade of plays and eating potluck. That is my earliest memory. It was a one-room country school in ruralContinue Reading

Reluctant Thespian

“Be brave enough to suck at something new.” Dec 4, 2019–A few weeks ago I was coaxed back onto the stage again. Readers of this column know I am a reluctant thespian. I never acted in high school, and my only other roles were when I played a tree in a local production of TheContinue Reading

Simple Gifts

Nov 27, 2019–When I earned my first income as a paperboy, I decided to buy Christmas gifts for everyone in my family. I perused the Sunset Gift Catalog, filled out my order, and eagerly awaited the wonders promised within. It was a painful introduction to the realities of the marketplace. That “giant weather satellite” wasContinue Reading

A Fish Story

Nov 20, 2019–For a state perceived as largely desert, Texas has an “insanely diverse” number of water habitats. That includes approximately 1,100 public impoundments covering 1.7 million acres, and 191,000 miles of rivers and streams. All of these waters are potential areas of study for a fish research center in the Texas Hill Country’s backContinue Reading


Nov 13, 2019–I can roll perfect dinner rolls with either hand. At the same time. It’s a skill I picked up as a prep cook at a fancy restaurant where I worked in college. They were known for their delicious dinner rolls, and it was my job to turn them out by the hundreds. ItContinue Reading

John Davidson: Exposed

Nov 6, 2019–Back in my road band days, a singer I knew was accepted to attend John Davidson’s Singer Summer Camp–a place for young entertainers to learn how to perform on stage. It was exciting to know someone who knew John Davidson. After all, John Davidson was “a star” in the 1970s–a Broadway leading man,Continue Reading

Wrangling Worms

Oct 30, 2019–Get along, little wormy. Now you can be a real Texas rancher, and all you need is a plastic bin with a lid. Your livestock? Mealworms. Crispy, juicy, squirmy morsels that chickens can’t resist and lizards leap for. Hill Country worm herder Janell Reyenga will be teaching a class on how to raiseContinue Reading